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UiPath Training Course

UiPath Develop Foundation Training course is a course developed for staff who are interested in UiPath application. The course was designed to provide the knowledge from basic understanding of RPA to developing their own robotic processes by using UiPath platform.


Onsite (Bangkok)


32 hours

Suitable For
  • Developers
  • HR and Admin personnel
  • Business Process Development personanel with technical skills
  • Marketing Professionals with technical skills
  • IT Admins
Course Outline
  • * Introduction, Sequence, Flowchart, Control Flow, Data Manipulation
  • * Controls, Plugins and Extensions. Selectors and Elements
  • * User Events and Assistant Bots, Exception Handling, Debugging and Logging
  • * Managing and Maintaining the Code, Deploying and Maintaining the Bot
  • * Architecture Overview, Orchestrator
Course Evaluation
  • Daily Pre & Post training evaluation
  • Daily quiz
  • End of course summary quiz
Number of participants
  • 1-5
  • 6-10
  • 11-15
  • 15+
Approx. price

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